Doggone it!

It’s time to stop the dogs chasing birds, doggone it! Birds like the bar-tailed godwit need all the food they can consume for their migratory journeys. 

Cigarette Butts

Cigarette butts are the single most common form of litter in New Zealand.  It is something that needs to change.

Port Hills Erosion

What would happen if Christchurch experienced a rain event such as that which Auckland or Gisbourne recently endured?  And what lessons are there to be learnt about Port Hills erosion?

Pick Up Five

The more that litter is in our consciousness the more likely attitudes toward it will change. The Pick up Five Campaign will also bring improvement.

What we’re doing

What we’re doing. in 2023 towards the vision of an ecologically healthy river that people take pride in, care for and enjoy.

Bin Behaviour

Removing bins from Christchurch parks has caused controversy but also highlighted the opportunity for bin behaviour change to conquer litter.

Urban Forest Plan

Christchurch City Council put out an Urban Forest Plan as one means of mitigating temperature rise in the city.  What is an Urban Forest ?

Turning Back Time

In an attempt to turn back time, part of the original riverbed of the Cashmere Stream is being unearthed and the stream is being restored to its original path.

Portlink Problems

The development of the Portlink Industrial Park in Woolston has recently raised a number of issues for the river and for local residents.