Research Results

The Cawthron Institute has been leading a research project looking at the effectiveness of environmental collectives, one of which has been the Ōpāwaho Heathcote River Network. The research report is now available to read.

Portlink Decisions

Compromise has been the winner in the Portlink development battle…but while the battle is far from over, it appears that the river has lost some of its setback.

Wheelie Bin Latches

When strong winds coincide with rubbish collection day, litter carnage on the streets occurs. If every bin had a latch to keep the lid on, much of the carnage would be prevented.

Bin Behaviour

Removing bins from Christchurch parks has caused controversy but also highlighted the opportunity for bin behaviour change to conquer litter.

Portlink Win

The environment and the residents of Woolston/Ferrymead have scored a first minor win against the developer of the Portlink Industrial Park.

Water Woes

Suddenly, it feels like water is continually at the centre of the news cycle. Why are there so many water woes and are they related ?

2024 Positive

A look forward past the Christmas celebrations to 2024 positive about the good things that will make the year feel worthwhile.

Stormwater Health

Awards recently presented to businesses for excellent stormwater treatment reinforced the importance of community responsibility for stormwater health.

Portlink Games

The Portlink resource consent was recommended to be publicly notified.  Is there a win for anyone in these continuing Portlink Games?

Port Hills Plan

Sediment in the Ōpāwaho Heathcote River is a problem. The CCC is responding to this continuing issue by producing a Port Hills Plan. What should it contain?


Pick Up 5 is an on-going invitation and a motivator for us all to pick up litter in our neighbourhoods.

Too Brown for So Long

It seems as if the Ōpāwaho Heathcote River has been flowing too brown for so long that there must be something wrong somewhere.  What is happening to the river?

Spatial Plan

What the Greater Christchurch Spatial Plan means for the future of the river and what we think of the plan itself.

Riverbank Restoration

Riverbank restoration is becoming a thing as residents in local communities take ownership of their little part of the river’s journey back to good health.

Doggone it!

It’s time to stop the dogs chasing birds, doggone it! Birds like the bar-tailed godwit need all the food they can consume for their migratory journeys. 

Cigarette Butts

Cigarette butts are the single most common form of litter in New Zealand.  It is something that needs to change.

Port Hills Erosion

What would happen if Christchurch experienced a rain event such as that which Auckland or Gisbourne recently endured?  And what lessons are there to be learnt about Port Hills erosion?

Pick Up Five

The more that litter is in our consciousness the more likely attitudes toward it will change. The Pick up Five Campaign will also bring improvement.