River Flowed Brown

Following the highest recorded July rainfall, low-lying areas of Christchurch were largely spared the flooding that would normally be expected from such an inundation, but the river flowed brown for a week after the rain eased. Why?

Tools for Volunteers

There is a need in community groups working on the river for tools and equipment for willing volunteers.  The OHRN has stepped forward to help with tools for volunteers.

Riverside Parking

When the mud washes into the river, we get a muddy river which is a real problem for what gives it life – its mauri.  And then we have cars making mud by riverside parking!

Lower River Guidance

The City Council has just endorsed and published the Lower Ōpāwaho Heathcote Guidance Plan. What on earth is a Guidance Plan, where did this spring from and what will it do for the river?

Rebuild or Repair

The South Library is slated for repair or rebuild, and yet it is only 20 years old.  What can the river possibly have to do with it all?