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Calder Green – Forest & Bird

What we do

Our aim is to maintain an ‘open sanctuary’ for the protection and enhancement of the indigenous flora and fauna of the area. We monitor and protect the saltmarsh itself.

We have a restoration planting zone alongside the river which is intended to improve the habitat for wildlife, in particular birds and lizards. We do bird surveys four times per year.

Volunteers are needed for all these activities as well as to help us with watering, weeding and general maintenance of the restoration zone.

Access is from the Ferrymead Golf Club carpark.


Who are we?

Calder Green Reserve (formerly known as Devil’s Elbow) is a small triangular-shaped saltmarsh on the lower Heathcote/Opawaho river which was gifted to Forest and Bird by Mrs H.G. Green in the 1970s.

Bernie Calder, a former Chair of the North Canterbury branch, is also honoured in the name because of the role he played in its acquisition.


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