December 17, 2020

Lower Cashmere Residents Association

What we do

The LCRA undertakes to monitor the river area. We use snap-chat to let the Council know if bins need emptying, we liaise with the CDHB and the coffee outlets re the correct disposal of coffee cups. We also run a couple of riverbank clean-ups annually and have done some riverside planting.

The river banks, although mostly mowed, have clumps of tussock that provide shelter for fish and other aquatic animals. There are ducks on the river and occasional scaup or heron, but the wild-life seems to have diminished in the last few years. The LCRA is also responsible for restoring Ashgrove Reserve.

Who are we?

The Lower Cashmere Residents Association (LCRA) is a community organisation representing the residents of the area, promoting neighbourhood wellbeing, community spirit, the environment, landscape and city planning.


The LCRA part of the river runs from Rose St, along Hoon Hay Rd to Cashmere Rd and along to Barrington St. Part of it is through residential areas, then once the Cashmere Stream joins it, it flows parallel to Cashmere Rd until Barrington St.

This area is reserve land and is planted with mature trees, has a walking/cycle track and is dotted with picnic tables. It is well-used by Cashmere High School students, Princess Margaret Hospital, walkers and cyclists. Nearby is a children’s playground, coffee shop, churches and sports facilities.

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